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The Complete Guide to the Xiao

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Spiral Bound - 100 pages

Everything to get you started on the Chinese Xiao. Its history, fingering, scales and songs.
Includes traditional and original songs arranged from Beginner to Advanced.
Book Description
The Chinese Xiao is one of the world's most versatile ethnic flutes. With its silky tone and two octave range, it is gaining popularity all over the world.

The Complete Guide to the Xiao has everything you need to learn and play the xiao. Clear and easy instruction for beginners to advanced players.

Learn the Xiao's history and unlock the secrets to playing this amazing flute. Explore the many scales the Xiao can play, and learn the techniques to playing with confidence. Well known and original songs will lead you through your Xiao journey. Award Winning flute player Scott August's step-by-step instructions will have you playing your first notes in no time and on the path to creating your own music!
  • History of the Xiao
  • How to hold the Xiao
  • Creating an embouchure
  • Fingerings for the three most common keys
  • Chinese pentatonic scales
  • Western major, minor and harmonic minor scales
  • Japanese scales
  • Ethiopian scales
  • Exotic scales
  • Beginner, intermediate and advanced songs
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