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New Fire

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Album Description

Take a dynamic and exhilarating musical journey through the southwest. Spirited Native American flutes, exciting world beat rhythms, and the seductive sounds of guitar and piano blend with Aztec drums, African kalimbas, haunting Mayan double flutes and an exotic array of instruments from around the world. The cry of an eagle pierces the sky. Thunder rumbles across the plateau. Timeless rituals of the ancients come to life.

Scott August's vibrant musical vistas will ignite your senses with all the passion and excitement of a New Fire
  1. Heart of the Sky
  2. Mockingbird Canyon
  3. Turquiose Twilight
  4. Ravens & Red-tails
  5. New Fire
  6. Sedona Sunrise
  7. Cactus Dance
  8. Sombra de la Luna
  9. Temple of the Sun
  10. Ancient Memories
  11. Sacred Night

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