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Hidden Journey

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Album Description

Set out on an exciting and invigorating adventure into the secluded back-country of the American Southwest. Evocative ancient flutes, powerful tribal drums, fiery latin guitars, soothing pianos, and an assortment of exotic world-instruments will accompany you on your red rock adventure. Bask in warm deserts. Hike between cool canyon cliffs. Discover a hidden oasis. Explore an ancient ruin. Scott August’s powerful soundscapes will stimulate your soul and enchant your spirit as they guide you on your own Hidden Journey.
  1. Awakening
  2. Sonora Sojourn
  3. Summer Horizons
  4. Turquoise Trail
  5. Lord of the Night
  6. Red Rock Crossing
  7. Hidden Moments
  8. Searching for the Ancients
  9. Quiet Journey
  10. Waiting for Rain
  11. (Going) Home

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