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Beyond Summer

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Album Description

From the Southwest to the Silk Road, take a musical journey through time and imagination. Beyond Summer creates unique musical soundscapes, leading you on a voyage that transcends dream and memory. Wander across a high plateau, visit a lost desert oasis, discover an abandoned sacred temple. Scott August’s distinctive blend of soothing flutes, pulsing drums, gentle guitars, peaceful pianos, and a dazzling collection of exotic world-instruments, take you to a time Beyond Summer
  1. Spirit of the Canyon
  2. Empty Highways
  3. High Desert Dreams
  4. Beyond Summer
  5. A Day with You
  6. Buffalo Dance
  7. Chaco Mystery
  8. Valley of Gold
  9. Journey to Kashgar
  10. Temple at Dawn
  11. Shadow of Time

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Dyan Garris, Zone Music Reporter & New Age CD
“Beyond Summer” is like a delicious, exhilarating, eternal summer that makes our spirits soar."
Kathy Parsons,
" I just want to say that I really love this album! I could listen to this one all day. …an exceptionally good album! I give it an enthusiastic two thumbs up!"
Steve Sheppard
"Beyond Summer for me is Scott August at his very best, he has produced one of the most listenable albums of the year and it is a journey I am more than willing to go on again. Each piece is played with such precision and care, the quality production and overall arrangement of this fine collection of compositions is stunning, for me Beyond Summer was a combination of multi instrumentalism and flute mastery at its very best, and one very worthwhile recommending."
Dick Metcalf, Contemporary Fusion Reviews
"This exceptional album gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from me, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of a (perfect) 5.00… meaning that it also gets my “PICK” for “best multi-instrumental sonic journey”.
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