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Xiao Song 6116

Improvisation for
Xiao flute in G

The music to "Xiao Song 6116" is from an improvisation that I filmed on June 1, 2016, or 6/1/16. I originally made the video for Geoffrey Ellis, the flute's maker, but later decided to make it public. The video and audio were recorded on a GoPro Hero 4 and the audio was left unprocessed, (no echo or reverberation were added.)

Although the xiao recorded was in the key of G (Chinese root), xiaos are capable of playing many different keys and scales. For example "Xiao Song 6116" is in the key of A pentatonic minor, the same scale as a Native American style flute in the key of A. Due to the extended range of the xiao the song also has notes above the octave and below the root! A well made xiao in G can play pentatonic minor scales in six keys!

In China pentatonic minor keys are called Yu Diao.

 Xiao A Pent Minor
The notes for a xiao playing in A pentatonic minor.
Finger diagrams courtesy of Clint Goss NAFTracks.com

Xiao Sheet Music

Free sheet music for
Xiao Song 6116

For those who would like to play “Xiao Song 6116" there is a free PDF of sheet music available in NAF TAB and Number TAB. The sheet music is free! Just fill out the form on the Santa Fe Flute School website.

Also, if you’d like to learn how to play the Xiao I offer private lessons for the Xiao as well as Native American style flut lessonss and Pueblo stye flute lessons. Learn more about private lessons

You can also learn to play the Xiao during the
Ancestral Spirits workshop offered by the Santa Fe Flute School. This four day workshop will feature a day trip to Chaco Canyon where multiple ancient flutes were found! Sign up HERE

Playing Duets at the Santa Fe Flute School


In Harmony,
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