New Fire by Scott August

A dynamic and exhilarating musical journey of spirited Native American flutes,
driving world beat rhythms, and the seductive sounds of guitar and piano.


New Fire

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Album Description

Take a dynamic and exhilarating musical journey through the southwest. Spirited Native American flutes, exciting world beat rhythms, and the seductive sounds of guitar and piano blend with Aztec drums, African kalimbas, haunting Mayan double flutes and an exotic array of instruments from around the world. The cry of an eagle pierces the sky. Thunder rumbles across the plateau. Timeless rituals of the ancients come to life.

Scott August's vibrant musical vistas will ignite your senses with all the passion and excitement of a New Fire

Editorial Reviews

"This is August's best work to date. This is saying a great deal when considering the high level of his previous works that have garnered so much acclaim. ...all lovers of Native Flute music will find New Fire enthralling from the opening measure to the final flute flourish. ...engaging, rhythmic, and often mystical moments that captivate and mesmerize the listener. August has a style that is all his own that continues to evolve and grow over time. He has certainly become one of the finest composers for the Native flute on the scene today.
August's prior offerings have been well received garnishing him two NAMMY nominations, one for Distant Spirits his debut offering and a win this year in the Native Heart category for Sacred Dreams. He continues to produce outstanding works inspired by the grandeur of the American South West. August has a smooth, clean, and polished style using Native American flutes and world instruments to produce a unique and soothing sound.
-Voice of the Wind:
Journal of The International Native American Flute Association

"Inspired composing [by] multi-instrumentalist Scott August. __...a colorful collage of elements from both Native American tradition (flute, drums) and beyond (African kalimba, Latin American instrumentation, piano, synthesizers). The music is drenched with Southwestern ambiance, captivating the listener with images of lonely canyons, desert landscapes and seemingly endless horizons. The Native flute...provides a haunting, tranquil voice in the midst of a sea of flowing synthesizer atmosphere and low-tempo drum beats.
-Music Design-In Review

"New Fire represents Scott August's best work to date.  With an ear for compelling melodies and rhythms he has produced an original work.  August continues to amaze, and New Fire is sure to be one of the best Native Heart recordings of 2005."
-Darrell Koerner, Four Winds Trading Company

Listener Reviews

"New Fire is magical! It is for those moments when you want music that both uplifts and balances you at the same time. As a teacher of spirituality and meditation, I use August's music because it resonates so deeply, that it speaks right to the core of your being. When you're feeling frazzled, take blissful refuge in this gorgeously rendered music rich with subtleties that will call you to listen again and again. New Fire is a gem."
Jacquie, Mission Viejo, CA

"Scott August has created a beautifully textured and rhythmic album, one that will transport you to a dreamscape full of magic and beauty. The albums melodies and rhythms are mesmerizing and captivating, not only in their complexity, but in their subtle simplicity as well. New Fire speaks directly to the soul in an unforgettable way and it is easy to lose yourself...or find yourself...while listening to this beautifully composed album.

As a resident of the southwest, I'm continually hearing native flute music and I can honestly say that Scott August is at the top of this genre, and New Fire is the best new title to come along."

Highly Recommended!!"
-Tracy Anton, Sedona, AZ

I got [New Fire]...and I love it!!! I think it is your best work to date. I have been listening to it every day. I like the upbeat nature of this CD! Good job!"
-Dan, Modesto, CA

"Scott August's "New Fire" has the same haunting lyricism as his previous CDs, but with vivid new rhythms and bright charm. Scott's experience creating world music really makes it's voice heard. This music is expansive and transformative-- it makes you want to open up all your doors and windows. "New Fire" is a fluid, seamless joining of music to the natural world."
-Barbara, Altadena, CA

"My family and I absolutely love New Fire. It is simply exquisite! I thought it would be hard to top Scotts other two cds - Sacred Deams & Distant Spirit.. It would be difficult for me to say which one I like best but this new one is wonderful! This CD is another magnificent work of art by Scott August. Anyone who loves native american flute music will love New Fire"
Julia, Omaha, NE

"Thank you for NEW FIRE, we love it!!! Truly well done, and congratulations on the award for Sacred Dreams! From the moment I brought your [other] two CD's...we have loved them!! They are among our favorites."
-Barbara Turner, Sierra Madre

"The CDs arrived on Friday so I had the pleasure of listening to New Fire a number of times over the weekend. I am delighted with your new CD! I have enjoyed listening to it and will continue to do so. Distant Spirits (and now New Fire) has been my favorite CD to listen to while I journal, and I happen to do a lot of journaling. Thank you again for sharing your passion and I am so excited for you that you are enjoying acclaim for your work, as well as appreciation by your listeners "
-Annette, Bonsall, CA

Scott August's music takes you out of time to another place. This is the [music] I choose to listen to when I practice yoga -- every track breathes and bends. I love it -- think it's [August's] best effort yet -- varied, upbeat --- even danceable!"
-B. Rassmusen, Boulder, CA

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