Anasazi Flute Class

Information about Scott August's
2012 Zion Flute School Anasazi flute class

DSCN8885_f400cropSpend 5 days surrounded by the red rock beauty of Zion Canyon discovering the secrets of the Anasazi flute with Scott August. Whether you are a beginner or advanced player, this workshop will give you the tools to master this exotic, mysterious instrument and have fun doing it! Scott is constantly delving into new ways to improve his Anasazi playing and will be sharing some of his more recent discoveries.

This class will cover embouchure technique, from beginning to advanced, designed to produce a clear, loud tone. Beginning techniques will deal with the lower octave, while advanced students will be helped in the second and third octave.

As breathing is so important for playing End-blown flutes we will be strengthening our lung capacity and learning to breath from the core.

We will also be exploring the scales for the Anasazi, the Mojave, Mojave 6, Lost Tuning and Long Count flutes. There will be a brief overview of the basics of the Japanese Shakuhachi and Chinese Xiao.

Finally, this year Scott will be teaching techniques for song writing and improvising on your Anasazi flute getting you on your way to being able to share your playing with friends, family and others. Many of the techniques covered can be applied to your NAF playing and a better overall command of music making, no matter what the instrument.

This class is never dull, or intimidating, but it is always full of fun and laughs. If you have ever been tempted to learn the Anasazi flute, this is the perfect class for you!

Class Overview:
Basic/Intermediate Anasazi flute playing techniques.
We will cover:

Introduction to the Anasazi flute
How to hold the flute
Lip position and placement "Embouchure"
Getting your first notes
Perfecting your tone
Breath control
Exercises for a better tone
Exploring the scales
Reaching for the upper octaves
Playing the Anasazi flute "From the Heart"

Dates & Times:
May 12- 17, 2012
Zion Canyon Flute School
Springdale, UT
( 435 ) 772 - 0778

An Anasazi flute is required for this class. It can take several weeks to received a flute from most makers so order one right away. Scott August does not provide flutes for his classes.

If you have specific questions about this class you can email Scott at For all other questions please contact the Zion Flute School.

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