Distant Spirits by Scott August

Soaring Native American flutes, soft guitars, quiet pianos, and hypnotic world beat
percussion mnigle with the sounds of nature on this musical journey of the Southwest

Distant Spirits by Scott August


Distant Spirits

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1. Emergence

2. Ancient Trails

3. Desert Light

4. Coyote Dance

5. Night Dances

6. Distant Thunder

7. Thirst

8. Solitude

9. Dawn at Mesa Arch

10. Visions

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Album Description

Soaring Native American flutes, soft guitars, quiet pianos, and hypnotic world beat percussion gently mingle with the sounds of nature on this musical journey through the Southwest. The call of the coyote. Murmuring canyon streams. A clap of distant thunder in the whispering wind.

Scott August's first album creates a rich tapestry of musical textures and tranquil tones that will transport you to the mystical land of Distant Spirits.

Editorial Reviews

"On Distant Spirits, August utilizes his lifetime fascination with the American Southwest...to create a delicious musical soundscape. August, a superbly gifted multi-instrumentalist performs all the music on Distant Spirits. Beautiful cedar flute is featured or included on eight of the ten tracks. Soft guitars, quiet piano, pulsing world-beat percussion, indigenous instruments from around the world, and the sounds of the Southwest are expertly woven together by August. "Emergence", the first track, opens with the sounds of thunder and and birdcalls, an exotic introduction to August's entrancing flute work. Distant Spirits provides an excellent accompaniment for meditation or yoga, and it is transporting music for simple relaxation and quiet listening. Fans of the Southwest sound should get a kick out of this gorgeous album."
-New Age Retailer Magazine.

"Distant Spirits is truly a mainstream recording that integrates the use of the contemporary Native American styled flute with other world instruments into a tapestry of a very enjoyable musical journey for the listener."...the mood of the recording is one of a journey of relaxation, and meditation while at the same time stimulating one's inner soul... There is a wide variety of melodies, tempos, rhythms, dynamics, and textures designed to evoke emotions out of the listener…"
-Voice of the Wind:
-Journal of The International Native American Flute Association

"Fans of earthy Native American flute music ala R. Carlos Nakai or Douglas Spotted Eagle have a new name to add to that list of performers &endash; Scott August. This trek through the canyon of the American southwest marks the debut of the stellar multi-instrumentalist. …August's tranquil… melodies providing a breathtaking glimpse of the ancient Southwest spiritlands."
-Music Design, In Review

"Close your eyes and allow yourself to drift to the land of Distant Spirits. Listen to the gentle, soft sounds of the wind, the streams, the night call of the coyotes. The blending of guitar, flute and drum are relaxing and soothing. If you enjoy Native American meditations or simply enjoy the warm sound of their music, this will be a nice addition to your musical medicine bag."
-Awakenings Magazine

"…August beautifully creates an evocative…haunting…terrific album."
-Concepts Magazine

Listener Reviews

"Scott August's Distant Spirits captured my heart the very first moment I heard this music. Distant Spirits transports me to another time and place. I love to start my day listening to 'Distant Spirits'."
-Kathy Luther, Minneapolis MN

"August has a special gift to capture the essence of the southwest. Dare to close your eyes and be whisked away by a myriad of sounds that take you through canyons and valleys that dazzle the imagination while the soul is transported to it's Creator. This collection of music has become one of my favorites and I look forward to future projects by this talented artist."
-Tish, Phoenix, AZ

"Distant Spirits is one of the freshest and best sounding Native Heart recordings that I've heard. The sound quality and compositions are excellent. …this is an exceptional recording."
-Darrell Koerner, Lafayette, CO

"I discovered this gem on a recent trip to the Grand Canyon. It is a wonderfully delicate and fulfilling musical tribute to one of the seven wonders of the world. Interestingly enough, I was in a gift shop on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon near Mather Point when I heard this. I and the other eight people in the shop moved to the picture windows and simply absorbed the beauty of the Canyon while listening to the music from "Distant Spirits." We were all silent as we took in the flute and the natural sounds added to this CD.

What you won't find is Native American flute music overlaid on bad jazz rifts. However, you will discover an amazing CD that is excellent for viewing the Canyon, driving over long distances, meandering around the Desert Southwest, or simply for meditation and relaxation. Even sitting outside on a warm day would be perfect for this CD.

Scott August is a gifted artist and deserves all the praise he has received in this forum. The music is moving. The music is evocative. The music is authentic.

Take my advice: grab a CD player, a set of comfortable headphones, extra batteries, and this CD. Drive to the Grand Canyon and go to any observation point. Sit down with a view of the Canyon (even better if at sunset or sunrise) and listen and watch. You will be amazed."
-Patrick Kucera

"Distant Spirits" is an excellent CD and August's playing is excellent throughout."
-Robert Doyle, President Canyon Records, Phoenix, AZ

"August takes his collection of Native flutes and deploys them over digital atmospheres of the desert southwest with recordings from Canyon de Chelly and environments of the imagination."
-John Diliberto, "Echoes" Syndicated Radio Program

"Fans of R. Carlos Nakai and Steve Roach will surely appreciate this journey of cedar flute, guitar and percussion with electronic textures. Scott August beautifully melds the sounds of the Desert Southwest..."
-Pat Murphy, "Air Music": KXLU Los Angeles

"When people enter our store, and "Distant Spirits" is playing, they instantly ask who is the artist and do we have the CD for sale."
-Dan DeClark & Robert Wainio, Legends of Time, Oswosso, MI

"This is very tranquil and meditative music, and if you allow it to, it can transport you to somewhere safe and beautiful."
-David R. Callison, Albuquerque, NM

"…probably the most beautiful [music] that I have ever heard. It truly takes me to a place I have never been with its spiritual and natural beauty."
-Barbara, CT

"Distant Spirits has become one of my favorites to reach for when in the space for some relaxing music. One problem though, Jeff [Calavan, flute maker] has confiscated it and taken it to his work shop. It has become one of his favorite work shop CD'S."
-JoAnn Calavan, The Oregon Flute Store

I like [Distant Spirits]. Nice combinations of flute, percussion and eclectic instruments.
-Odell Borg, High Spirits Flutes, AZ

"It's a pleasure to work with fine music like August's."
-Steve Davis, Associate Producer, "Hearts Of Space"

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